Yá'át'ééh, my name is Clarissa J. Williams. I am Tábąąhá (Water’s Edge People), born for Tódích’íi’nii (Bitter Water People). My maternal Grandfather’s are Naakai dine’é (The Mexican Clan) and my Paternal Grandfather’s are M ‘íí deeshgíízhíníí (Coyote Pass – Jemez Clan). I was born and raised on the Navajo Nation, in northern Arizona and I am enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. Growing up, I was raised on strong traditional Navajo values, while still aligning with American values.

In 2003, my husband and I moved to Utah to attend the University of Utah. Our plan was to finish our education and return back to the Navajo Nation. 18 years later, we call Utah our second home. In 2010 we purchased our first home in South Salt Lake (SSL). We knew little about this tucked away city. All we did know was that our favorite movie theater was in this city.

South Salt Lake has moved from that “industrial” city, to becoming one of the best places to live. South Salt Lake is the center of the Salt Lake Valley...more like the heart. The central location is ideal for families, young and old alike, to work and play. It is my honor to put my bid in for City Council At-large for this amazing city. I want to keep the “City on the Move,” moving in the right direction . . . the direction it is already going. Love where you live!
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