Since South Salt Lake is ideally located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley with easy access to both of the I-15 and I-80 interstates, residents can find quick routes to and from work or play. This also makes it easy to get to schools, and find routes to other cities.

Smart planning and implementation of those plans are key to any successful city. Incorporating ideas from the community and asking what YOU envision for our future, has been one of the best things our city has done. I was fortunate enough to serve on the General Plan committee, where residents like myself were asked what we envision our city be in the next 20 or 40 years. Little were we aware, that much of those visions have already come to life.

With the planning of what I love to call “brewery row,” we have tapped into what has now become a hidden gem in our city. This is not only bringing more revenue, but is at the heart of the new and thriving Creative Industries Zone. Small businesses are re-purposing this former industrial area into a vibrant community, where artisans co-exist with high density spaces, without having to sacrifice the neighborhoods that have already existed in South Salt Lake for over half a century. New and old don’t collide, but can co-exist along side one another.